The CACD Bead Craft Project, “Beads to meet your Needs” sought to involve children; grades 5 to grade 8, from November 14th to December 5th with life building skills workshops and culminated on December 12th with entertainment, a Fashion Show, showcasing what the students have created in the workshop, presentation by guest speakers and an opportunity for parents, teachers, and the community to network and engage in community participation thus showcase the City’s diversity and Inclusiveness.

The project brought together 16 middle school participants who learned the historical implication of beadwork for a number of countries and given skills to plan and create a number of beaded jewelry, using their own designs and innovations. In addition, the project enabled 10 high school volunteers to work alongside 2 adult volunteers/program facilitators for a total of over 75 hours and the development of leadership and mentoring skills.

Beside the development of creative skills and the cultural and historical perspective of beads, they were able to make new friends, share their opinions, ideas, creativity, imagination, they were able to have a greater appreciation for patterns, colour composition and design. These were brought out through a post evaluation. The study revealed the following:

  • 100% of students revealed that the project enhanced their creativity
  • 100% of students stated that the project provided greater appreciation for colour and design
  • 100% of students claimed confirmed that they made new friends as a result of the project
  • 100% of students stated that the enabled them to develop new skills, and
  • 67% of students mentioned that they gained cultural and historic information through the project

Further, the feedback from attendees, though anecdotal are as follows:

  • that the project was great as it brought the community together and that it was a great opportunity to meet other parent and members of the organization;
  • the final event was engaging and they wish for the project to continue;
  • the event was a great opportunity to see this creative side of their children – that of developing new skills around areas of mutual interest;
  • that allow residents to get to know one another and make connections;

In general the project was a smashing success in terms of it satisfying its planned outcome.