Citizens for the Advancement of Community Development (CACD) is a Registered Charitable Organization that is dedicated to transforming the lives of BIPOC youth between the ages of 10-24.

Our Vision is that youth in the community are empowered to develop their potential, live healthy lives, becoming safe, self-reliant, spiritual, and active in their community as citizens and leaders.
Our Mission
is to ensure that CACD provides effective programs and services to youth for character and skills development, leadership, and active citizenship.

Our Mandate
To provide preventative, positive life strategies to dissuade youth from making negative choices that may lead to violence and contact with the criminal justice system.

  • EMPOWER youth through leadership training and mentoring programs designed to develop the skills necessary for success and social integration.
  • EDUCATE and foster community awareness through workshops on life skills, and crime prevention.
  • SUPPORT those in need through counselling, employment training, and workshops in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, resume assistance and interview preparation.
  • INTEGRATE all members of the community through teaching the understanding and acceptance of all the groups that enrich Canada’s diverse cultural landscape.

Our Aim: 

To activate the dormant potential of BIPOC communities, to facilitate full self-actualization, to dramatically enhance the quality of life of the citizenry and to once again connect-up the relations, exemplars and educators that once participated in community formation.


Building Character Communities – creativity, integrity, faith, prudence, respect, tolerance.

Target Group: 

We are a Black-led, youth focus organization that serves BIPOC youth in general but have been placing special emphasis on youth from the Black/Afro-Canadian community due to numerous researches that show this community as having an extremely high needs rate.