Who Does This Serve?

At-risk youth from grades 6-8 that live in the Central Mississauga region.


ASP teaches youth confidence, teamwork, self-awareness and social skills through activities centered around Physical Fitness, Health and Wellness and Nutrition.


Focus on achieving government goals of decreasing childhood obesity, promoting healthy eating and increased physical activity, improving student achievement, a reduced rate of youth violence as well as childhood poverty reduction.

Physical Activity

Get moving! Students build communication and teamwork in structured play like Basketball, Tae Kwon Do, Soccer and Volleyball.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Fruit, veggies and cooking. Participants make healthy after-school snacks like fruit smoothies, salads, quesadillas, etc. while learning about nutrition.

Mental Health

Lessons and discussions about Self-esteem, Resiliency, Confidence, Anti-bullying, Self-reliance, and Positive relationships.


Meditation, relaxation, and physical fitness and self-awareness.

Homework Club

Group study and tutoring in Math, Science and English.

Performing Arts

Weekly classes in Music, Dance and Drama.