CACD launches Black Youth Empowerment Initiative (BYEI).

Targeted and Corrective Approach:

CACD is offering a Targeted and Corrective Black Youth Empowerment Initiative (CACD BYEI) to address various Risk Factors faced by Black Canadian youth through means; such as Digital LiteracyBlack History presentations, Leadership, Mentoring and Civic Engagement skills.

The CACD BYEI is designed to improve retention, graduation, academic achievement and participation rates for black youth while connecting them with community leaders and law enforcement officers as mentors.

This initiative will empower these students, motivate, inspire, and positively impact them. Further, we envision that we will help to minimize the marginalization and negative stereotypes experienced by black males in schools, reduce delinquent and antisocial behaviors, improve educational success, and lessen the negative effects of racial discrimination.

Further, we intend to minimize substance abuse, reduce involvement in wider violence-related activities, prevent them from coming in contact with the criminal justice system and help them achieve their full potential.

As is typical of the CACD programs, the students will benefit as follows:

General benefits:

 Make new friends from other schools

 40 hours of community service for secondary school student

 Enhanced leadership and mentoring skills (e.g. written and oral communication skills, confidence, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork)

 Increased academic performance

 Enhanced digital literacy – robotics

 Learn to write their résumé

 Build self-esteem and self-confidence

 Community awareness/Civic engagement

 Receive recognition for their efforts and contributions – certificates from all three levels of governments

Other Specific Benefits:

 Increased understanding of intercultural issues in the Peel Region, particularly in the Mississauga, Cooksville area

 Improved understanding of Black history, with an emphasis on achievements in the Canadian context

 Increase understanding how to best navigate the school system to help support overall positive outcomes

 Increased awareness of issues affecting full participation in society and the economy faced by Black youth

 Increased capacity among Black students to address racism and discrimination

 Increased sense of belonging and pride among Black youth

 Greater understanding of culture and ethnic identities

 Greater knowledge around anti-black racism within the school system

 Reduction in the harmful community or school-related offenses

Note: Graduation Ceremony – After successful completion of the workshops, participants will celebrate their accomplishments at a graduation ceremony that will be open to peers, parents, teachers, mentors, and other community members. During the Ceremony, participants will receive a certificate of completion and present their Digital Empowerment Projects to the community, Councilors (Cllrs.), Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), Member of Parliament (MPs), the Mayor and other dignitaries.