Who does this serve?– High school students.

Purpose– CACD Leadership is a 12-week program, offered three times during the year. It offers workshops in leadership, mentoring and life-skills.

Objectives- Volunteering – Students become volunteers, giving the opportunity to gain the 40 hours of community service necessary for high school graduation, and impact the lives of the CACD community and its participants.

Employment Opportunities – Students connect with member companies of the Mississauga Board of Trade, and the City’s Parks and Recreation Department and use their newly acquired skills to gain employment.

CACD Leadership Subject Matter

–          Leadership

–          Life Skills

–          Mentoring

–          First Aid/CPR

–          Financial Literacy

–          Entrepreneurship

–          Job Interview and Resume Skills


CACD Leadership Outcomes

CACD has positively impacted the Cooksville and Mississauga Community. During the Fall of 2013, the CACD Youth Leadership Workshop served over 70 high school students aged 14-18. These students participated in Leadership In Training (LIT), Life Skills, and Mentoring classes. CACD’s diverse LIT program has proven to be highly effective resulting in the following statistics:

–          30% of our students reported a significant increases in their grades and work habits

–          60% of students who completed the Leadership Program reported a substantial increase in their self-confidence

–          45% of students developed a sense of civic virtue, and continued to volunteer and support CACD’s initiatives upon graduation, as well as offer their services outside the organization

–          Students exhibited a greater sense of community belonging and cultural awareness

–          Improved communication skills, the development of social skills and interpersonal behavior

–          Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

–          Enhanced academic success, and participation in the workforce

What’s Next?

Students who have shown exemplary work in the classroom and the community will receive certificates of recognition from the Ontario Legislature and the House of Commons, and upon program completion, will become members of CACD’s Youth Advisory Council.