Board Development Committee
Ensure effective board processes, structures and roles, including retreat planning, committee development, and Board evaluation; sometimes including role of nominating committee, such as keeping list of potential board members, and training.

Finance Committee
Oversees development of the budget; ensure accurate tracking/monitoring/Accountability for funds; ensure adequate financial controls; reviews major grants and associated terms.

Fundraising Committee
Oversees development and implementation of the fundraising Plan; identifies and solicits funds from external sources of support, working with the Development Officer if available; sometimes called Development Committee

Marketing Committee
Oversees development and implementation of the Marketing Plan, including identifying potential markets, their needed, how to meet those needs with products/services/programs, and how to promote/sell the programs

Programs Committee
Guides development of services delivery mechanisms; may include evaluation of the services; link between the Board and the staff on program’s activities.

Art and Culture Committee
This committee fulfills an advisory role, providing advice and recommendations to the board and the Executive Director on arts and culture matters to further the cause of the City of Mississauga strategic directions (quality of life, downtown vitality, leadership, diversity, community development, environment).

Volunteer Steering Committee
The function of the Volunteers Steering Committee provides a central coordinating point for effective volunteer involvement within CACD, and to direct and assist members and staff efforts jointly to provide services that are more productive.  The role shall also bear responsibility for maintaining liaison with other volunteer programs in the community and assisting community-wide efforts to recognize and promote volunteering.

Specifically, the work includes the following essential elements: Planning and Organization; Policies and Procedures; Volunteer Recruitment; Screening; Interviewing and Placement; Orientation and Training; Supervision; Volunteer Performance Measurement and Evaluation; and Retention and Recognition.