Sports Stadium

The fundamental goal of this program is to promote and encourage children and youth to make healthier choices, to create healthy and supportive environments, the enabling of behaviors that promote health, to increase control over their health and its determinants, and thereby improve their health.


Every year, CACD hosts events focused on Health Promotion. Our intent is to attract community members from schools, families and local businesses, and connect them with multi-disciplinary health care providers for increased access to healthcare education and resources. The goal is to build stronger, healthier and safer communities, contributing to positive child and youth development.

CACD incorporates a basketball 4×4 competition into an interactive and informative outdoor setting.


  • B-B-Q in the park

  • Display tables with health promotion materials

  • 4×4 basketball in the gym

  • Media Coverage – Rogers TV/Mississauga News

  • Guest speakers

  • Prizes and giveaways



Program Benefits

Promotes connectivity among youth and can contribute to economic and social development


  • Foster the involvement of children and youth in sports for  

  • Sports provide role models for the pursuit of personal excellence

  • Exemplifies the value of teamwork, promoting respect, discipline and interpersonal skills

  • Increase community pride and connectivity

Image by Matthew Ball

Our Mental Health Awareness program links individuals to the necessary resources for support.


Program Benefits

The goal of this program is to provide accessible preventive support systems for children and youth struggling with mental health challenges which include depression, self-harm, low self-esteem, antisocial behaviour, anxiety, eating disorders and poor coping skills. Through this program, children and youth will learn how to access personal, professional, and/or community support and have the option to attend safe, confidential and non-judgmental workshops held throughout the school year (Sept-June).