Music, Dance, and Video

  • Lessons on the history of various musical genres, song composition, basic multi-track recording and production (FL Studio, Reason)  video design and production; career exploration
  • Lessons in dance technique and choreography; including hip-hop, R & B,  salsa, dance hall, reggae, rock and traditional African.
  • The semester will culminate in the video presentation of a personal project of composition and  choreography completed by each student.


BIPOC youth, ages 14-24, referred to the program by participating schools.


 This programs are intended to develop confidence and life-skills like teamwork, leadership,   effective communication, discipline, time management and  to connect young people.  Furthermore, it will be allow youth to validate and express views on such topics as urban violence and peace-building


  • Parenting is learned behavior. Knowledge and advice on parenting can be gained from a variety of sources.
  • Research shows that communities benefit when children are raised by those who receive effective education in parenting.
  • Carefully designed programs enable children to enter school eager, and ready to learn.
  • As adults they are more likely to have productive careers, healthy relationships and ultimately make meaningful contributions to society.


To support and educate parents, teaching them the skills and strategies to make them  effective caregivers and role models.To promote the healthy  development of the child


  •  Strong and Stable Families
  •  Healthy and Confident Children
  •  Safe Neighborhoods
  •  Better Schools