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You too can make a difference for youth at risk with a minimal volunteer commitment Make new friends among business, educational and community leaders. Anyone who wants to turn the tide but doesn’t know where to start!

Our Mission: To provide effective programs for skills development, health and spiritual education, and other as-necessary social services to impoverished children, youngsters and adults in communities here in Ontario (non-culture specific) and in Jamaica.

Our Vision: The empowerment of disenfranchised communities, through programs geared at promoting self-reliance, sound spirit and health, education and security, thus improving the welfare of individuals and their ability to control their future.

Benefits to becoming a member of CACD

  • Satisfaction that comes from working with a dedicated and supportive team of 
volunteers and staff

  • Opportunities to represent CACD at public events

  • Participation in organization professional development opportunities

  • Voting privileges at AGM

  • Free CACD Newsletters

  • Get in on the next wave of community-based social service delivery

  • Network and outreach with community leaders for your own core mission

  • 40 hours community service for secondary school student

  • Publicity and social media opportunities

  • Increased knowledge of the needs and services in communities

  • Teach your skills to others and make a difference in someone’s life

  • Communicate to others that you are ambitious and care about your community

  • Build self esteem and self-confidence