Public Safety Canada – “One of the riskiest times for many adolescents in terms of being victimized or running afoul with the law is between the hours of 3pm and 6pm between the end of the school day and when parents return home from work.”

Peel Youth Violence Network Steering Committee Report – “Existing programs only reach a small portion of youth and large service gaps exist for organizations that are trying to meet the needs of a growing, diverse population.”

Mississauga Youth Plan – “There exists a lack of leadership and decision making opportunities for youth.”

  • The MYP study illustrates the following service gaps as expressed by surveyed youth in Mississauga:  More drop-in programs for ages 15-17 in priority neighbourhoods

  • An increase in program days per week ages 10-14

  • More volunteer opportunities

The Roots of Youth Violence – “The province must work with municipalities, school boards and community agencies to remove barriers that include income level, transportation and a lack of usable space. The province should move to immediately embed accessible sports and arts programs in the priority neighbourhoods.”

The Roots of Youth Violence – “Within disadvantaged neighbourhoods, the Province should support and ensure funding of community hubs to provide space for community activities, including for meetings, recreation and the arts, and service providers. Wherever possible, these hubs should be based in or near schools.”

United Nations – “crime prevention considerations should be integrated into all relevant social and economic policies and programs, including those addressing employment, education, health, housing and urban planning, poverty, social marginalization and exclusion“.

Federal Crime Prevention Strategy – It operates on the principle that the most effective way to reduce crime is to focus on those factors which put individuals at risk – factors such as, family violence, school problems, and substance abuse.

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