Who does this serve? – BIPOC youth of all ages


  • To ensure community well-being and social development through programs on crime prevention.
  • Bridge the gap between youth and police to build a culture of peace, understanding and mutual respect.
  • Build confidence by empowering youth through sports and Youth Justice presentations.

We believe the key to crime prevention is social development. By addressing the underlying social problems disadvantaged youth face; we can correct the life course of youth before deviant behavior develops. Sociological literature argues that youth are not yet committed to a set of values drifting between conventionality and criminality. With this skill set, we believe the youth we serve will be able to overcome the various risk factors they encounter in their daily lives and drift toward a more conventional and constructive life path.

Program Overview:

  • The Youth Justice Program is designed to engage youth through a series of Youth Justice presentations and workshops by notable law enforcement officers, educators and community organizers.
  •  This program will create a forum whereby information will be shared on lessons learned and opportunities to support youth involved in both guns, gangs and drugs and the criminal justice.
  •  The program will include: Understand their legal obligations when stopped and questioned by the Police, their legal rights if arrested by the Police and the consequences of having a Youth Record